Ending poverty, liberating children and evolving voting to raise the happiness level on planet Earth.

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The sum of all the misery from poverty on Earth is staggering to think about. Three billion humans live on less than US$2.50 per day, without the means to take care of basic needs like food and safe shelter. We can't ignore suffering on such a grand scale. Something must be done!

The solution is simple. Start a new money system and give the money out equally to all humans on Earth. The wealthy will stay wealthy, pricing current assets in the new money and the poor will suddenly have the means to meet basic needs and wants, invest for the future and even start a business. 100% reserve transaction accounts will be centralized for everyone on the planet, but banks will still take interest-bearing deposits and make loans for profit in the new money.

A million is a nice big number. Let's start everyone with a million units. We can set the value of a million by charging children for their care and schooling and making it last them until they are old enough to work. US$2,000,000 should cover it. That's US$2.00 per unit. To do right by the new ones, we should refuse to sell units of the new money for less than US$2.00 each. If they save wisely, they could have enough money to start a business after school instead of being forced to work for those who come before them in the current system that starts them with a zero balance bank account. Welcoming new citizens of the planet with big bank accounts is only fair. Call the new planetary money "circles" and use the capital letter 'O' for the symbol. Hundredths of a circle are "dots." Electronic circles accounts will be protected in secure data centers, while banks will distribute paper and coin circles and dots for a fee. We can have a global contest to design the bills and coins.

But wait, you say, if we had such a big money supply, wouldn't we have runaway inflation? It is counter-intuitive, but no. The money supply would be fixed based on population. If everyone got money at the same time, at first there would be high prices on scarce items but most people would save and the free market would respond with increased production to meet the needs and wants of everybody on the planet.

Today's electronic transactions are private and only note the recipient and amount. We can create amazing marketing opportunities and enhance competition by including a title and description and making transactions searchable and commentable. Laser-focused advertising in comments could offer alternatives for the next time a consumer is in the market for the same item. Circles transactions become the basis for organizing your memories and sharing your story with posterity as they are permanent records.

Various levels of government will make circles accounts and collect taxes from accounts located in their territory. Half or more of your circles might go to taxes.

Today we have a rough initial protoype of circles, but account balances and transactions will transfer to future global-scale versions so feel free to get started! You can still buy and sell things the time-tested, preagreed-price way, but starting with a million gives you the freedom to express yourself about valuable gifts you've received, letting you clear up any debts you feel to others. Circles makes a great gifting currency: decide for yourself the value of a gift you have received and make a give-back gift of a circles payment to balance the gifting relationship and make an acknowledgement of the gift.

Sign-up for an individual circles account to claim your O1,000,000. Business and Government accounts start with zero circles. Claiming multiple circles accounts or otherwise cheating or hacking circles is bad juju, way bad karma and a sure way to go straight to hell. We need to make and enforce a law for all humans on the planet: only one individual circles account each. As circles transactions are permanent records, cheaters would leave a trail that could be detected so they could be punished for stealing from their fellow man.

Sign-in with your email address and password to view your circles account, make payments and search and comment on transactions. The top 100 winners of the circles game are listed on the sign-in page.

This initial small scale version of the circles money system is not scalable to the whole planet. There is no way the MySQL database table of circles accounts would make it to 7 billion humans and the table of transactions is even worse, requiring massive data storage to scale to the entire planet. I want to hire Google to further develop and host the circles money system on their infrastructure with a planet-wide database for circles accounts, transactions, comments and advertising.

We need fairly chosen planetary leaders to own and tax the circles money system to pay for its development and operation and to finance other global projects, see emperorcontest.com. If only a third of the planet's 7 billion citizens voluntarily pay a yearly O100 Earth tax, that's a budget of over 230 billion circles a year. For developing and hosting the system, Google could get paid 1% of all planet Earth taxes collected.

I need to use US dollars while circles is under development. Buying circles for dollars is way better than just donating. Circles are worth something because we choose to make them work for the benefit of all, recognizing the value of every human life. To support the development of circles for the good of the planet, consider making the new ones' money worth US$2,000,000, buying circles for US$2.00 each: O50 for US$100 or O500 for US$1000 if you can, donating the dollars below and contacting me at next420@gmail.com to get paid the circles. Support the development of circles to end poverty on Earth!

With the US dollars money I raise by selling my circles on this website, I will support myself while I program new features for the circles prototype and promote the new money system and buy advertising to find a partner for professional development. The features I would program to improve the prototype include:

1. Automatic email of a circles payment received or a new comment on one of your transactions.

2. Searchable wish list and gift list during new account sign-up.

3. "Bow-up," undoing a bow-down, choosing to no longer follow a leader. Circles accounts are also evolved voting accounts to fairly find leaders to control and further develop the money system and address other global issues, see emperorcontest.com. Adding bow-up functionality would allow users to change their leader choices at any time, making it a continuous selection process.

4. "Downline" calculation and browsing: adding up all followers and followers of followers and so on to continuously rank leaders by the sum of their voluntary support.

ULTRO - facebook.com/nathanedwardjohnson

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